Borkenkäfer sind in den Startlöchern!


Rising temperatures favor the bark beetle!

The rising air temperatures favor the start of the swarming flight of the bark beetles . Therefore, in the next few days, the forest stands should definitely be searched for fresh drill dust on spruce stands. The next six to twelve weeks are crucial. Beetle trees that are overlooked in spring multiply the amount of damaged wood. The area around old "bug holes" should be searched with particular care. If the processed wood has to remain in the forest because the sawmills cannot take it, it should be treated with insecticides approved against bark beetles .

Karate Zeon  fights weevils, bark beetles and biting and sucking insects quickly and safely with its rapid and extraordinarily strong effect.

Appropriate pile handling

Pile treatments are usually carried out with attachment sprayers including a pressure hose and spray lances/guns; portable knapsack sprayers or sprayers can only be used for individual trunks or smaller piles. The wooden piles should not be more than 2 m high and should not exceed 20 m³ (solid cubic metres).

To avoid drift and loss of active ingredient, the wind speed during application should not be greater than 5 m/s at temperatures up to a maximum of 25°C and a rel. Humidity of at least 30%.

Pay attention to the personal protective equipment during application! A standard protective suit for pesticides, gloves, rubber boots and respiratory protection is required. The user must be knowledgeable!

Use the economical insecticide with the innovative capsule formulation and protect your wood and the forest!

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